2012 Spirits

The judging has been completed for 2012! We would like to thank all of the entrants who competed in the competition and to the generous sponsors who helped make this event successful. Also, a special thanks to all of the participants who helped maintain and organize the festivities. We look forward to having you return in the 2013 Competition, which begins in April. Please make sure you are registered and that you have your brands sent in before this date.

Click Through The Below Images To View Other Top 2012 Medal Winners!


    Results by Double Gold Medal:

    • Carafe in Pearl & Ruby Faberge Egg Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka
    • KAH Extra Añejo Tequila
    • Dos Lunas Extra Añejo Grand Reserve Tequila
    • Kilikia XO Brandy
    • Pisco Portón
    • Gran Marquis Extra Añejo Tequila
    • Arman XO Cognac
    • Bols Genever Barrel Aged
    • Sin Rival Extra Añejo Tequila
    • Arman VSOP Cognac
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    Results by Gold Medal:

    • Dos Lunas Añejo Tequila
    • Tatoosh Bourbon
    • Dos Lunas Reposado Tequila
    • Imperial Collection Gold
    • Dos Lunas Silver Tequila
    • Gera Premium Vodka
    • Karma Reposado Tequila
    • Florida Old Reserve Orange Liqueur
    • Sin Rival Añejo Tequila
    • Karma Silver Tequila
    • Galliano Ristretto Coffee Liqueur
    • Florida Old Reserve Sherry Cask Rum
    • Gunpowder Spiced Rum
    • El Cartel Silver Tequila
    • Maraska Maraschino
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